How to pronounce the final “-s”

Hello, my dear students!

Words finished in “-s” in English can be quite tricky at some points. A lot of people still think that the final “-es” of word “tastes”, 3rd person of the verb “taste” (i.e: “it tastes good”) is pronounced as “-iz”, while it is actually pronounced with a regular “-s”.

If you use your memory, you will probably remember that there are three ways to pronounce the final “-ed” in regular verbs and adjectives, right? “Wanted”, “played”, “amazed”, etc… Why do we use different pronunciations in the final “-ed” of these words? Well, I will post another entry talking about that soon, but basically this happens because of the last letter before the ending (voiced or voiceless).

There are three ways to pronounce the final “-s” in plural words, as a /s/, a /z/ or an /iz/. We need to choose the correct option depending on the letter we are using before the final “-s”. Take a look at this video!

(You can take a look at this great webpage, where you will find more information!)

So, we could sum up this rule with the next image:

I will be posting another entry with information about the pronunciation of the final “-ed” quite soon, so stay tuned!

Over and out.


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